Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my space. (not to be confused with myspace.)

i'll admit it. 
i'm an introvert. 
wholly & completely. 
i can spend hours, days (& likely weeks) alone.
i need some time to just. be. to think. to piddle around the apartment with no agenda. 
i need to feel un-rushed & un-pressured. 
why i chose a career that requires non-stop interaction with people is beyond me. 
if you have ever lived with me, you have experienced the crazy-eyed, frustrated version of me when life has been hectic & i haven't made time to recharge. 
for most of my life though, i have been my own worst enemy- always filling every slot of free time with an activity or a to-do. 
people who love me are always telling me to slow down, stop "doing" & take a break. 
(i'm also ridiculously stubborn.)
i'm finally taking their loving advice to heart.
so i've carved out a little space in our apartment where i can camp out each day to do my favorite things: create, read, write, reminisce, listen. 
(and make lists of things to-do. later, of course.) 
the reason i'm sharing it with you? 
because you're there too. 

a written letter from ms. porter that encourages me to be the best me i can. 
a pocket cyclopedia of medicine & surgery written in 1913 from one of my favorite mentors. 
an amulet from my dear friend, mr. robison. (unfortunately, you can't see it in the light.) 

a journal from ms. cavnar. 
stationary from miss mcfadden. 
a book solely dedicated to my favorite music from mr. rocke. 

a picture of my great-grandmother, a lovely reminder of the strong women in my lineage. 
a picture frame from ms. brooks, a gift when i embarked on my journey to chicago. 
a thumbs-up dinosaur egg my pops gave me after a rough year many years ago. 

so though i'm far, far away...
know you're with me. 

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